Photo by Chris McKay


It’s the oldest story in the book: Boy meets Atlanta’s local music scene, boy falls in love with photography. Okay, so maybe it’s not the oldest story in the book, but I’m Ken Lackner and it’s my story.

For me, it all started in 2008. Back then, I would take my crappy little point-and-shoot to my friends’ shows and snap a few pics of their bands for them, but I always wished I could get better shots. So, I scrimped and saved and robbed my couch cushions of spare change and bought myself a good camera.

I’ve always considered myself a technical guy, not an artistic one – my formal education is in Electronics Engineering Technology, if that tells you anything. But since purchasing that aforementioned camera, I’ve discovered my talent for photography and I’ve had the pleasure of shooting some amazing people, places and things. From concerts and band promo photos to weddings and portraits, I’ve had a blast capturing each unique moment and I get fired up about every opportunity to shoot some photographs.

I am also the Director of Photography for Treklanta, the “space opera” convention held every April in Atlanta.

Thanks for checking out my site! And a big thanks to Copywriter Liz for helping with this bio!