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Rush tribute Permanent Waves open for “Big Four” thrash tribute SciaticA at The Local in Marietta

Cover bands.  Ugh.  So do not dig.  As with most rules, this one has an exception.  Two exceptions, actually.

It takes a very talented and impressive voice to recreate the vocal styling of Geddy Lee.  Matthew Trautwein — better known to some as String of the Renaissance rock-and-roll group The Lost Boys — has the necessary talent.  His newest band Permanent Waves covers the early career of Canadian rock legends Rush, from the ’70’s through the early ’80’s.  The set opened with “Working Man” off Rush’s self-titled debut album.  Near the end, fans were treated to the entire Side A (anyone still remember what that even means?) of Moving Pictures.  Permanent Waves closed with one of my all-time favorite Rush tracks, “Subdivisions,” from the 1982 album Signals.  I can never get enough of that record.

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